Mother's Day


Mother’s Day, haha no hi, in Japan is said to have been first celebrated on 6 March 1931, on the birthday of Empress Kōjun. The influence of American culture, especially after the end of the Second World War, resulted in the shifting of Mother's Day in Japan to align with the United States to fall on the second Sunday in May each year.

A representative symbol of Mother’s Day is the red carnation flower which is associated with admiration and gratitude. Discover our curated collection of items to celebrate and show appreciation to mothers and mother figures.

Mother's Day product category

Camellia Matcha Bowl

椿 茶碗


Camellia Incense Holder

椿 香立


Vermilion Crackled Yunomi

朱貫入 湯呑


Camellia Rice bowl

椿 碗


Vermilion Crackled Rice Bowl

朱貫入飯碗 小碗


Tin Flower Vase – Ichijiku

錫 花瓶 いちじく


Scrub Hand/Face Towel



Scrub Body Towel


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Haze Wax Candle – Tōhaku



Sumac Wax Candle Set – NANAO

和ろうそく ななお

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Awaglass Ornament by Terayama Norihiko



Cotton Charcoal Relaxing Eye Pillow



Silky Foam Sponge


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Silky Bath Mitten


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Silk Body Towel



Handmade Organic Soap – Lavender

手作り石鹸 ラベンダー


Handmade Organic Soap – Green Tea

手作り石鹸 緑茶


Handmade Organic Soap – Coix Seed

手作り石鹸 薏苡仁


Handmade Organic Soap – Honey and Ginger

手作り石鹸 生姜蜂蜜


Handmade Organic Soap – Loquat Leaf

手作り石鹸 枇杷葉


Eau Éclosion Perfume - Cedar

オー・エクロジオン香水 スギ


Eau Éclosion Perfume - Moss Temple

オー・エクロジオン香水 MOSS TEMPLE


Matcha Whisk Stand



Matcha - Shōin no Mukashi

抹茶 松韻の昔


Aroma Oil – Yuzu

JB04 柚子


Aroma Oil - Kōyamaki

JB03 高野槇


Blended Incense Sticks – Lotus Leaf

お香 六種の薫物 荷葉


Blended Incense Sticks – Chrysanthemum

お香 六種の薫物 菊花