Good Design Collection


Promoting excellence in design, this collection of innovative products showcases some of the most outstanding design ideas of the last few decades, brought to life in the form of practical, contemporary items made to enrich people's lives. The products selected for this collection, curated to coincide with London Design Festival, have all received the prestigious Good Design Award from Japan.

Good Design Collection product category

Porcelain Long Plate – Grey

磁器ロングプレート グレー


Porcelain Long Plate – White

磁器ロングプレート 白色


Porcelain Shallow Bowl – Light Blue

磁器椀 平鉢 水色


Card Candles

カード型キャンドル 真鍮スタンド付き

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Porcelain Sauce Bowl – Green

磁器椀 ’ひめとんすい’

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Tsubame Notebook


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Ganso Soy Sauce Dispenser



Flower Vase – Yellow and Blue

フラワーベース ツートーン


Flower Vase – Ichimatsu Koshi

フラワーベース ツートーン柄入り


Flower Vase – EA



Misoka Toothbrush

Misoka 歯ブラシ

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Triangular Compostable Plates



Misoka Toothbrush for Kids

Misoka 子供用 歯ブラシ

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Compostable Bamboo Spoons



Compostable Bamboo Fork



Misoka Toothbrush with Case

Misoka 歯ブラシ ケース入り

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Soy Sauce Pot


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