Summer Collection


Summer in Japan begins with the warm, humid rainy season of tsuyu that starts in May in the southern regions, travelling across the archipelago towards Tohoku until it ends in July. Once tsuyu comes to an end, the hottest months of the year arrive along with seasonal outdoor events to make the most of the clear skies, and cooling activities to handle the heat.

Popular summertime events and activities include regional festivals, lined with outdoor food and games stalls with participatory performances of Bon Odori (a dance with a history of over 500 years to honour ancestors), large-scale firework displays held by the water with attendees wearing yukata (casual summer kimono) and jinbei (an outfit of a top resembling a kimono coordinated with a pair of shorts). The activities of the season are accompanied by cooling foods, such as kakigori (a shaved ice dessert with flavoured sugar syrup) and watermelon, which are savoured while sitting on the engawa (an indoor/outdoor space at the side of the house similar to a sun porch).

Explore the Summer Collection, featuring hand-printed bags from Kyoto Prefecture by Society of Local Arts, the cooling sounds of the Brass Wind Chimes that are hand-cast in Takaoka City, and aromatic coil-shaped incense to repel mosquitos.

Summer Collection product category

Brass Wind Chime - MaruMaru

ブラス風鈴 マルマル


KAMAWANU Tenugui – Kakigori

手ぬぐい かき氷


KAMAWANU Tenugui - Goldfish in Lotus Pond

手ぬぐい 蓮池に金魚


KAMAWANU Tenugui - Goldfish

手ぬぐい でめきん


Medetaya Postcard - Water balloons

絵はがき ゴムヨーヨー


Medetaya Postcard - Watermelon

絵はがき スイカ


Oval Bamboo Tray

楕円 形 竹トレー

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Hand Printed Denim Tote – Nijimi Indigo

デニムトートバッグ にじみ 藍色


Hand Printed Cotton Tote – Shima Green

手刷りコットントートバッグ 縞模様 緑


Hand Printed Cotton Flat Tote

手刷りコットントートバッグ 平


Hand Printed Cotton Drawstring Bag - Nijimi Green

手刷りコットン巾着バッグ にじみ 緑


Hand Printed Denim Zip Pouch - Nijimi Indigo

デニムポーチ にじみ 藍色


Yanagi Sōri Coffee Spoon

柳宗理 コーヒースプーン

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Sailor 1911S Fountain Pen Black

セーラー1911S 万年筆 黒

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Rattan and Washi Fan


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Recycled Glass Bowl



Recycled Glass Cup – CAPNKOP

リサイクルしたガラス キャップンコップ


Wind Chime Stand



Brass Wind Chime – Onion

ブラス風鈴 オニオン

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Brass Wind Chime – Drop

ブラス風鈴 しずく


Igusa Floor Mat



Igusa Mattress Cover Sheet



Igusa Mat for Children



Igusa Yoga Mat

い草 ヨガマット