Takaoka Copperware


With a rich history spanning 400 years, Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture remains the production centre for copperware in Japan, with a reputation for advanced casting and decorative techniques in polishing, colouring, engraving and inlay for copper products. Takaoka City’s metal casting industry was established by the second daimyo (feudal lord) of Kaga Domain through the creation of a foundry that manufactured cast-iron tools and utensils. As the demand for copper grew due to its natural resistance to corrosion and malleability in the mid Edo Period (1603-1868), the metalworkers of Takaoka City began producing Buddhist altar fittings and artistic objects from copper.

In the present day the reputation of Takaoka copperware has grown and was acknowledged as one of the first of Japan’s Nationally Designated Traditional Craft Products.

Takaoka Copperware product category

Suzugami Tin Incense Holder

すずがみ 香立


Brass Incense holder Gold Lion

香立 獅子


Flower Vase – Hana Mitsubo

銅 花瓶


Tin Flower Vase – Ichijiku

錫 花瓶 いちじく


Tin Incense Holder for Stick and Corn

香の器セット - 丸 錫

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Suzugami – Arare

すずがみ あられ

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Suzugami – Kazahana

すずがみ かざはな

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Wind Chime Stand



Brass Wind Chime – Onion

ブラス風鈴 オニオン

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Brass Wind Chime – Drop

ブラス風鈴 しずく


Tin Sake Cup Set with Tokkuri

錫製 徳利 ぐい呑み2ヶセット (桐箱入り)


Brass Flower Vase

錫製 花入れ ’そろり’


Tin Sake Cup Set with Katakuchi

錫製 片口 ぐい吞2ヶセット(桐箱入り)