Valentine's Day


The origins of Valentine's Day in Japan can be traced back to a commercial marketing campaign run by a Japanese confectionery company in the 1950s. That particular advertisement featured women confessing their love to men while giving them chocolate, a gesture which later developed into the custom of women being the principal gift givers of chocolate and confectionery to the men in their lives on Valentine's Day.

Today, with a heightened awareness of gender equality and gender roles in contemporary society, Valentine's Day in Japan has undergone evolution and is increasingly seen as a chance to spend time with loved ones and share chocolate and confectionery with important people in your life as a sign of gratitude.

Discover our collection of items to be shared and enjoyed with loved ones.

Valentine's Day product category

Hasami Porcelain Soba Choko Set - Chrystanthemum and Ice Crack



Grace Wine – Koshu Hishiyama Private Reserve 2021

グレイスワイン 甲州 菱山畑 プライベートリザーブ2021

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Grace Koshu Private Reserve 2021

グレイスワイン 甲州 プライベートリザーブ2021


Flower Vase – Hana Mitsubo

銅 花瓶


Hakurakusei Junmai Daiginjō Sake

伯楽星 純米大吟醸


Sugi Sake Cup Set

酒カップ 杉セット


Hasami Porcelain Soba Choko Set - Octopus Arabesque



Eau Éclosion Perfume - Cedar

オー・エクロジオン香水 スギ


Eau Éclosion Perfume - Moss Temple

オー・エクロジオン香水 MOSS TEMPLE


Mamegashi – Matcha no Mi

豆菓子 抹茶の実

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Glass Sake Set



Assorted Ariheitō Candies



Kyo no Eriashi



Scented Candle in Porcelain Case



Aromatic Candle – Sunset



Bordeaux Wine Glass Set

うすはり 葡萄酒器ボルドー


Tin Sake Cup Set with Tokkuri

錫製 徳利 ぐい呑み2ヶセット (桐箱入り)


Tin Sake Cup Set with Katakuchi

錫製 片口 ぐい吞2ヶセット(桐箱入り)


Flower Vase – Ichimatsu Koshi

フラワーベース ツートーン柄入り

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