Matanpus – Embroidered Headband

Worn by members of the Ainu community, matanpus headbands feature intricately embroidered patterns.

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Matanpus (マタンプㇱ) are intricately embroidered headbands worn by members of the Ainu community during ceremonies.

Crafted from cotton, these headbands are cut into wide strips that can extend up to 1 meter in length. The fabric typically features embroidered geometric patterns deeply rooted in Ainu tradition. Historically, men would fasten their headbands at the back of the head, while women would do so at the front. Nowadays, the headbands are tied at the back, irrespective of gender.

This matanpus is produced at the Biratori Ainu Crafts and Heritage Center, also known as Urespa (ウレㇱパ, in Nibutani, Hokkaido.

Individual pieces vary in colour and size as each piece is handmade.

Size: Length 96cm x 9.3cm

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