Many of our postcards are made in the Echizen area of Fukui Prefecture, the largest washi-making area in Japan with a history stretching back 1500 years. Our range includes postcards embellished with iconic emblems and symbols from Japanese astrology and mythology, as well as blank pieces of thick, premium washi (Japanese paper) for creating your very own watercolour postcard designs.

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Letter Set - Sakura

肌吉紙レターセット 桜

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Washi Greeting Card Small -Yaezakura

和紙のグリーティングカード 八重桜

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Washi Greeting Card Medium -Genrokuzakura

和紙のグリーティングカード 元禄ざくら

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Medetaya Postcard - Mount Fuji And Sakura - Vertical

絵はがき 富士山と桜 縦


Medetaya Postcard - Somei-Yoshino

絵はがき そめいよしの


Medetaya Postcard - Mount Fuji And Sakura

絵はがき 富士とさくら

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Medetaya Postcard - Sakura In Spring

絵はがき 春 桜


Postcard Set for Painting


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Postcard Set for Watercolouring


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Japanese Paper Postcard Set – Morning Glory

越前和紙一筆箋セット 朝顔手水


Japanese Paper Postcard Set – Lily of the Valley

伊予和紙一筆箋セット すずらん

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Zodiac Postcard – Boar

干支ポストカード いのしし

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Zodiac Postcard – Tiger

干支ポストカード とら

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Zodiac Postcard – Dragon

干支ポストカード たつ

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Zodiac Postcard – Cow

干支ポストカード うし

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