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Our wide stationery collections include notebooks of thick, premium bamboo washi (Japanese paper) as well as iconic Tsubame Notebooks whose beloved paper can only be produced during the spring and autumn months when the water used to create the paper reaches its ideal quality. Minimalist design covers can be found alongside books intricately patterned with age-old designs from Japan’s rich history.

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Bamboo Paper Notepad for Ink Painting

竹和紙 水墨画用アートパッド

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Bamboo Paper Sketchbook


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Reed Paper Notebook – ReEDEN Colours


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Goshuin Notebook

正倉院文様 御朱印帳

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Kadotoji Notebook


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Somé Pad Notebook

染めパッド ノート

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365 Days Notebook – A5

365デイズ ノート

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Chiyogami Memo Pad – Chrysanthemum

蛇腹メモグラム 重陽

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Chiyogami Memo Pad – Irogarasu

蛇腹メモグラム 色硝子


Chiyogami Memo Pad – Cherry Blossom

蛇腹メモグラム 朝桜

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Tsubame Notebook


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