Shawls & Scarves


We stock a range of scarves and shawls from designers in Japan suitable for all seasons. Many of our products use innovative methods and weaves to achieve an extremely high level of durability, warmth and softness. Take a look through the collection to find inspiring stories of craftsmanship and processes which have been developed over centuries.

Shawls & Scarves product category

Two-Tone Wool Scarf

ウール混 ゆらぎ縞ツートンマフラー

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Shusu Wool Check Scarf

SHUSU ウールマフラー クラウディ イエロー

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Silk and Charcoal Knitted Neck Warmer

絹と炭のネックウォーマー グレー

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Kurume-kasuri Shawl


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Handwoven Kurume-kasuri Shawl



Aizu Cotton Stole – Light Grey


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Aizu Cotton Scarf – Karakuri

会津木綿スカーフ 絡繰


Aizu Cotton Scarf - Kagerō

会津木綿スカーフ 陽炎

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Aizu Cotton Scarf – Striped


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