Our ever-changing range of vases includes unique pieces such as flat-pack vinyl vases and DIY kits for creating origami vases at home. Alongside this sit handcrafted, stylish vases made from metal, wood or ceramics by experts from Japan’s renowned craft industries.

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Flower Vase – Hana Mitsubo

銅 花瓶


Tin Flower Vase – Ichijiku

錫 花瓶 いちじく

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Anti-Shade Origami Flower Vase

包紙花入れ 白似土

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Frosted Glass Flower Vase


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Bamboo Vase – Lin

竹製花入れ リン

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Brass Flower Vase

錫製 花入れ ’そろり’


Flower Frog Vase

針のない銅製剣山 Hana


Flower Vase – Yellow and Blue

フラワーベース ツートーン

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Flower Vase – Ichimatsu Koshi

フラワーベース ツートーン柄入り

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Wooden Flower Vase


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Flower Vase – EA


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