Carved Wooden Rabbit

A hand carved wooden sculpture of a rabbit made in Hida-Takayama, Gifu Prefecture.

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Using a technique called ichii ittōbori, this sculpture is carved by expert craftspeople in Hida, an area of Japan renowned for its 1300-year tradition of woodworking. Ichii ittōbori items have been made since the Edo period (1603-1868 CE) and Hida has become well known for the technique. The name ittōbori refers to the fact that these sculptures are carved using only a single knife or chisel. Ichii ittōbori is distinctive for its use of centuries-old Japanese yew trees. Thanks to the special characteristics of the Japanese yew, which has a distinct difference between the colour of the outer sapwood (whiteish) and inner heartwood (reddish), ichii ittōbori sculptures are left undecorated after carving. Rabbits are one of the 12 zodiac animals of Japanese astrology, which follows a 12 year cycle with each year being represented by an animal. The year 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit.

Wipe with a soft, dry cloth to clean.


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