Arita Porcelain Yunomi Cups

A pair of Arita-style porcelain tea cups dyed with a special technique.

£120 per item

This pair of porcelain tea cups was made in Hizen Yoshida, Saga Prefecture. Hizen Yoshida has been a production area of Arita-style porcelain for over 400 years. These tea cups gain their colour from a blue pigment called gosu, which is often used for ceramics as an underglaze paint because it doesn’t fade after firing. The kiln producing these cups works with five carefully selected shades of gosu blue from a deep sombre shade to a brilliant bright blue. The paint is applied to the pieces using a technique called dami, which requires precision, patience and focus in order to produce the right shading. The amount of paint applied is controlled by squeezing a specialist brush dipped in gosu and relies on the judgement of the craftsperson involved, giving each piece an individual character.

There might be individual differences in colour, pattern and shape as each piece is handmade.
Microwave and dishwasher safe.
Avoid open flames.
Do not throw it away if black spots appear on its surface. It is completely normal and it’s due to the clay’s iron content.

Size: Ø6.8 cm x H7.2 cm

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